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You know, sometimes it’s quite nice to have a little bit of a tone, a little bit of an attitude and perhaps the dispersal of the occasional flip remark here and there. And if you happen to agree, then Cheeky Bingo is definitely one of those bingo sites that you will most certainly find yourself feeling at home on. There, nobody minds a little cheek and if it prompts laughter, then so much the better, right? Correct And if you sign up with Cheeky Bingo right this instant then you’ll grab yourself a whopping 200% deposit bonus (they have a bonus calculator on the homepage that is very helpful) on your first deposit. I’ve always said and I’ll say it for a long time – that’s one of the best ways you can welcome somebody to somewhere new. And don’t feel like you won’t quickly become familiar with the site and the all the roomies that make it tick over. You most certainly will. That’s the thing about Cheeky Bingo – once you’ve been there once, you’ll never stop coming back for more. 

Arguably one of the better bingo sites out there, there’s no wonder that the bingo on offer at Cheeky Bingo is of the highest, finest quality. Coming in 75ball and 90ball form, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a bingo room. And if you want more than that, then there’s always the side games that are sure to keep anybody entertained till their next bingo game starts. And the great thing about these bingo games is that they generally come complete with specials and promotions to add just that extra little something to the game you’re about to play. Check out Cheeky’s Diary for the full details of what you can expect in the week. Not to mention, you get a choice of jackpots, thrilling competitions and the chance to win fabulous prizes. How could you even consider saying no to a deal like that? I know, you couldn’t. Which is why I fully expect to see you out and about at Cheeky Bingo soon. If you bring along your sass, so much the better, I do declare!


Reviewed by Compare Bingo Sites on Nov 23.

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