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Right, so how does the whole Foxy Zero Bingo thing work? Because, the inevitable question is that there is already a Foxy Bingo so what is the problem, exactly? Well, it’s not so much a problem, per se, as perhaps another chance to put Foxy on the internet. For all those Foxy Bingo users, you can use your account for Foxy Bingo Zero and not have to go through the registration process again. For everyone else, off you toodle to the registration page. You needn’t feel too disheartened, though. When you sign up and deposit £10, you’ll get £20 absolutely free. And luckily, at Foxy Zero Bingo, £20 goes a very long way. Because there, they pride themselves on the fact that tickets never costs more than 10p and more often than not, it’s free. Yep, Foxy Zero Bingo is all about the free bingo. 

You can get 90ball free bingo and a whole host of other bingo games that are sure to keep you interested for long enough. Truth be told, the team her at Compare Bingo Sites feel like there is something seriously missing from Foxy Zero Bingo. Could it possibly be that it does not in any way measure up to its parent site? Or is it the distinct lack of any kind of promotion that catches attention? It could be the fact that there is no sense of community at all? In fact, we’re of the opinion that Foxy Zero Bingo is trying too hard to be like Foxy Bingo, which immediately makes us question the point of the site. Which we haven’t work out yet. But that’s just our opinion. It has bingo. It has promotions. It has jackpots. If that’s enough for you, then you’ll probably like Foxy Zero Bingo. If it’s not, there are a couple of other sites we could suggest…


Reviewed by Compare Bingo Sites on Nov 23.

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