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If you think about it this way, when you’re doing something good, sometimes it’s nice to be recognised for the contribution you’re making to society. In other words, you want yourself your golden hat, thank you very much. So you can don it when you’re doing good. Now, with that in mind, think about a site called Golden Hat Bingo and you draw your own conclusions about the entire thing. But I feel fairly certain you’ll arrive at the same conclusion I did. That Golden Hat Bingo is a great site and you should definitely give it a little bit of your time. For example, if you do that now and go and register, then you’ll be able to claim a sweet 200% welcome bonus. That means if you deposit £10 immediately, you’ll get a whopping £20 absolutely free which means you’ll be kicking off your time at Golden Hat Bingo with a massive £30!! How’s that for a welcome? I think it’s pretty fair, considering you’re now diving into a world of bingo you’ve been waiting for since you clicked the first link. 

And a world of bingo is exactly what you’ll be getting. There’s bingo galore the like of which you have never quite seen before. Which is also okay and good because that’s exactly what you’re there for. Experiment with your favourite kinds of bingo, dabble in the free bingo and check which way would be best to buy your tickets. All of that can happen at Golden Hat Bingo. And the best part? If you’re feeling a little over all the bingo you can change things up and mix it up a little with some of the side games, of which there are a large and interesting selection. And then, of course, there are the promotions which run on a daily, weekly and monthly scale and always have something exciting to offer up.  And with Golden Hat Bingo, there is so much more on offer there. There’s the community, the rewards programme, the benefits of bringing a friend along. Everything that you do can benefit you no end and quite frankly, Golden Hat Bingo is where it’s at, if you ask me.


Reviewed by Compare Bingo Sites on Nov 23.

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