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Sometimes, I can’t help but think that one of the key foundations in online bingo and the development of any online bingo website is the concept of a jackpot. Jackpots are important. Luckily, there are sites out there that recognise and realise this fully and aim to do something about it all. And one of those sites is Jackpot City Bingo. Just saying the name of the site gives you some small insight into what it is all about. And believe me when I say that it’s all about a lot. In fact, a lot more than a lot. Does that make sense? If not, let’s see if we can make the welcome offer a lot easier to understand. And really, there’s nothing complicated to it. Sign up now and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a 250% deposit bonus. That means if you deposit £10, you’ll get a whopping £25 absolutely free, which is the perfect way to begin a career on any bingo site. 

And what a career it is shaping up to be! Think of all the bonuses and bingo games you can play. It’s all about the bingo and there is so much of it on this site. Basically, give your old 90ball or new 75 ball bingo games a run for their money. And if you feel like a little bit of a variety then you can check out the side games and have a whole lot of fun there. Try spinning and I promise, you’ll love it. Then, of course, there are all the promotions that are bound to light a fire beneath your bingo boiler and get your raring to go, because as we all know, it’s just not bingo without the promotions to add that competitive, thrilling edge. Tell Jackpot City Bingo what you think of the site, get involved in the community and, of course, have the most amount of bingo fun you could have in any given time or day. If you want all of that and more than you can join Jackpot City Bingo and have a whale of a time forever after! 


Reviewed by Compare Bingo Sites on Nov 23.

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