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There are some bingo players out there who are purists. They live for nothing more than the beautiful game and who it can pay dividends if you pay enough attention to it. And there are some bingo players who love the game and the roomies and all the fun that comes with bingo. If you fall into any of the two aforementioned categories (or both) then Tombola Bingo is definitely the site for you. It is, if nothing else, a fun and friendly site dedicated to nothing more than the beauty of bingo and everything that it represents. So, you should go sign up. I promise you’ll like it. Because when you register and deposit £10, then you’ll activate the whopping 200% welcome bonus and get £20 absolutely free. Which gives you £30 to play with and, in my humble opinion, that is a rather nice offer and a perfect entry into the world of Tombola Bingo. 

And it is nothing if not a bingo world, to the very edge of its borders. For one thing, there are so many different kinds of bingo on offer that you really won’t know which way to look. And the best thing about Tombola Bingo is that it is all beautifully presented, with friendly chat hosts and a very seriously welcoming community that is more than happy to have you in the family. You can’t help but get a warm glow whilst you play bingo. And of course, there are also all the side game which are fit to entertain even the most discerning of bingo players. Which is saying a lot. Now, the fact that Tombola Bingo has no noticeable bingo promotions on offer should not deter you from entering into the realm. Here, it’s proven that you really don’t ever need promotions to make online bingo work. And kudos to them for getting it right. And if you want a piece of pure online bingo action, then Tombola Bingo is definitely the place to go and get it.


Reviewed by Compare Bingo Sites on Nov 23.

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